What is Ganbaru? 

Ganbaru” is a Japanese term which means to “stand firm” in spite of circumstances, to do even more than one’s best. Relive the tragedy and triumph Luke Amery went through in his battle with brain cancer—a battle he has won. Appreciate the lessons learned along the way. And achieve for yourself your own Ganbaru Mindset, with which to tackle anything in life.

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Hello Luke here, and welcome to my page.   As you may of heard I am in the middle of editing my book.  I'm excited to share my story with you in relation to my Brain Cancer journey back in 2014 with each and ever one of you. Make sure you don't miss out register now for my book launch August 2017 Today.

Luke Amery -   was happily working as an “open-cut” miner in Australia when he began struggling with his physical balance and discovered he had been struck with brain cancer. As the father of two, working for long periods away from home, he already knew he had been missing out on much. Coupled with the sudden, serious health issue, Luke knew a complete life change was in order. He became newly driven to oversee his own life and passions, and to help others through ordeals like his, even as he was overcoming his own brain cancer in large part by applying what has come to be called the “Ganbaru Mindset,” explained in his book of the same title.

Today, Luke lives with a sense of making up for lost time, and of the importance of living in the now. He has found new joy in helping others achieve their dreams and win through sometimes horrible circumstances, to rediscover one’s “mojo” along with one’s true purpose and passion in life, to succeed and be happy.



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Joshua Hawthorn

Creative Director, Grizzly Technical Solutions

Seeing Luke go through his journey was awe-inspiring. Not only did he face his illness head on, he battled it with such positivity and tenacity that he never let it defeat him mentally.

Lauren Clemett

CEO/Founder, Ultimate Business Propellor

I have never met anyone with as much tenacity or with such a sustained positive outlook on life as Luke Amery. His journey is a total lesson in humility and an inspiration to anyone struggling with what life has thrown at them. To beat an invasive and aggressive cancer and embrace personal development throughout it all, is simply astounding. It has been a great honour and privilege to help Luke share his story and create such a positive impact on the World.
Kia Kaha my friend - stay strong.

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